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Brilhon Technologies

Enabling Electromobility in Brazil 

We envision a world where mobility and transport are smart, clean, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. At Brilhon Technologies, we see electromobility as the key to achieving the green world we believe in.


Our mission is to bring the full potential of electromobility to São Paulo, Brazil, and beyond. We work to build fast-charging stations across the country to provide the physical infrastructure for the movement of the electric car. At the same time, our Brilhon mobile app connects drivers, their vehicles, and our network of fast-charging stations. The Brilhon network is the first step on our way to building the future of e-mobility in Brazil.

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Mobile App

The Brilhon mobile app is the backbone of our network. With your personal profile, you can enter the complete Brilhon world. The app gives you access to our fast-charging network and manages everything during the whole charging cycle. You can recharge the battery of your electric car in simplicity and ease.


Find all Brilhon Stations on the map


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Meet the Founders

"We are passionate about sustainable transport solutions. Our mission is enabling

electric mobility at scale in São Paulo, Brazil and beyond. Smart, efficient, and clean."



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Co-Founder & CTO

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